What is VidKreate

VidKreate is the First-to-market breakthrough technology that offers an all-in-one solution for Creating, Hosting, and Streaming your videos. 

This isn’t just like any other video hosting platform, it offers an all-in-one Marketing solution that skyrockets your sales and Leads.

This cloud-based game-changing technology has the ability to protect your content (videos), from hijackers. It also has a screen-recording feature and gives you premium HD videos and many more. 

VidKreate is beginner-friendly. No technical skill or knowledge is required to use it. Utilizing it is pretty simple.  

You can create a video project, monitor your video’s analytics, check the engagement of your videos, and utilize many more sophisticated features to market or advertise your video

VidKreate offers five unique functions that are guaranteed to boost your revenue

  • Upload Your Videos

Once you access your dashboard, you can upload one or more videos, also choose to create your video and edit it (simply go to the record option to start creating)

Create: You can create your videos using your camera or screen. There are millions of royalty-free stock photos you can integrate into your videos, to pass across the right message.

Edit: Use the built-in, user-friendly video editor to edit videos in timelines (cut, join, trim, and split).

Voiceovers: Voiceovers can be added to videos with just a few clicks using the instant voiceover conversion tool. All of our voiceovers sound humanlike and relatable.

  • Customize Your Video

Add subtitles, change the video player’s skin, play bar, speed and volume settings, quality, and much more to make it your own.

  •  Publish and Earn Money

In only one click and a few seconds, publish your HD videos, boost your engagements and make more profits

  • Channel Creation, Customization, and Privatization:  You can create an exclusive content library that you actually own and manage with Vidkreate channels. 

VidKreate channel is the ideal software for your on-demand webinar collections, product videos, film series, vlogging, and educational content. 

Utilize Channels to promote your business, brand and skills, attract an audience, and close sales.

On the channel, your users can easily get in touch with you via your website and all social media networks.

  • DRM Protection for your Videos: VidKreate’s first-market DRM function protects your videos against hijackers. Simply use VidKreate to create your videos, enable DRM before sharing them with others, and your videos are always safe and secure. 

Any DRM-protected video cannot be hijacked, copied, or downloaded, regardless of the browser, the plugins, or the location of the user.

VidKreate will make your journey into video marketing seamless.

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