VidKreate Analytics-A/B Testing

VidKreate Analytics-A/B Testing

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A/B testing, commonly referred to as split testing, compares which variant of the same Video generates the most conversions while simultaneously presenting it to various groups of website users.

A/B testing will reveal the elements of your videos that affect the likelihood that a viewer will watch the full thing. You can then develop more videos that your audience will enjoy using this knowledge. In actuality, marketers try video advertisements on Snapchat and Instagram more frequently than you may think.

What KPIs Should You Track While Running A/B Tests?

The Click Rates of each variant is often compared to determine which version is the most effective. However, as it simply provides you with the number of times your video has been seen, this does not apply to internet videos.

You want to monitor the Lead Conversion Rate for a video advertisement. The proportion of viewers who take an action after seeing your video and turn into leads in your pipeline is what you’re measuring. You can determine how many people randomly clicked on your video and how many were truly interested in what you had to say by measuring this.


A/B testing is a tried-and-true method for enhancing and optimizing metrics. Perhaps you were unaware of the effectiveness of this strategy for videos or believed that A/B testing for videos would be costly and time-consuming. Whatever excuses you previously used for not conducting experiments involving videos shouldn’t prevent you from doing so now.

VidKreate Analytics Engagement

Although it’s nice that your video has garnered a lot of likes and views, does that actually indicate how successful it was? Did you keep viewers’ attention throughout the entire video, or did they lose interest and stop?

Measuring video engagement with the VidKreate Analytics Engagement tool is one of the finest ways to immediately see how your visitors interact with your video.

Why Video Analytics Are Important

Digital marketers have flocked to video marketing in droves. It increases engagement. It stands out. It enjoys enormous consumer appeal.

In 2021, videos accounted for 80% of all online traffic.

Each year, online marketers receive 66 percent more qualifying leads with videos.

They succeed in raising brand awareness by 54%.

90% of consumers claim that watching a video influences their decision to make a purchase

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